I thought that I would just put this here as I don’t feel like I can tell anyone in person. Anyway, I came out to my mum, telling her that I am pan-sexual. She didn’t mind and said that she accepted me for I was. After telling my dad though, he told me to get a grip and that at my age I can’t decide something like that (I’m 15 btw). That really upset me because you don’t just decide your sexuality. You’re born with it and regardless of your age, you are going to be the sexuality that you are. So I found it quite sad that he just thought that I was being childish. O.K, rant over. Sorry if this annoyed anyone :)




I am pansexual
No I’m not confused
And I will not choose
What gender to love

I am pansexual
No I’m not a whore
And I’m not unsure of
My sexuality

I am pansexual
Yes, I’m sure
I simply adore
A good personality

I am pansexual
These means I love women,
I’ll say it again
Women, men and trans too

I am pansexual
Again, I’m not confused
I simply refuse
To let gender choose my love.

You speak the truth